Fishing Trips

Everglades National Park and Florida Bay (Bait, Artificial, and Fly)

Expect to take a Beautiful 45-minute boat ride through winding through of mangrove islands and shallow, narrow channels. With an abundance of fishing locations, anglers of all skill levels will have the opportunity to catch snook, redfish, trout, small tarpon, black drum, and much more.  Fishing the Park is good year-round, with some of the best fishing from October-March.

Fly Tarpon Fishing

With multiple fishing options, backcountry or the oceanside flats of Islamorada, there are options for every angler’s skill level. Backcountry tarpon (on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico) tend to lay up near the surface, oftentimes in dirty/milky water waiting to ambush prey. In other spots of Florida Bay, we’ll find tarpon laid up or moving slowly in clear water. The ocean side flats have migrating tarpon in clear water, so you can expect to get shots at single tarpon or large schools and strings. One can expect to have shots at tarpon between 30-150 lbs. This season is from April-July, however big tarpon can be found year around when the weather is right. If small tarpon (5-20 lbs.) is something that interests you, the best time of year to fish is between July and October.

Bait/Artificial Tarpon Fishing

Depending on your fishing preference, you can sight fish tarpon using light spinning rods, casting live crabs or artificial lures. Another option is fishing near channels and bridges using a variety of live bait. Expect fish between 50-150 lbs. The best time of year for this trip is March-July. If Small Tarpon (5-20 lbs.) is something that interests you more, the best time of year to fish is between July and October.

Bonefish and Permit (Bait, Artificial, and Fly)

With countless flats, banks, and shorelines from Key Largo to Key West, we’ll have plenty of options. The majority of the time we’ll fish from Islamorada; however with the Lower Keys only an hour away, we have the option to trailer the boat down the road. Bonefishing can be good year-round in the Upper Keys. Average bonefish size is about 5 lbs., but don’t be surprised if you find yourself casting at double-digit weight fish. Permit fishing is better from March to October and the average size is about 10-15 lbs., but again, fish over 30 lbs. are not uncommon.

Shark Fishing (Fly or Spin Gear)

Bull, Tiger, Lemon, Hammerhead, Blacktip, and Spinner Sharks are prevalent throughout Florida Bay. Shark Fishing is very visual, oftentimes you can spot over a dozen sharks behind the boat searching for a meal. When targeting sharks on fly, expect to use an 11 or 12 wt and be ready for some exciting bites! When using spin gear be ready to cast medium-sized baits to get aggressive bites followed by blistering runs.

Family Fun Fishing

As a father, I know what it’s like to have the family on the boat and it can be a ton of fun. Depending on your family’s ambition, we can target anything from snook and sharks to snapper and dolphin. I love fishing anglers of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. Fishing trips can be as intimate as a parent-kid bonefishing trip or as general as the whole family on the patch reefs. 

Snapper Fishing

(in progress)

Patch Fishing

(in progress)

Kite Fishing

(in progress)

Gulf and Wreck fishing

(in progress)


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